Primary Victory Press Release

The Republican Nominee for DC Council Looks Ahead to the Ward 8 General Election

WASHINGTON – Nate “Ward 8” Derenge enthusiastically thanked the Republican residents of Ward 8 who cast their votes for him in the June 2 Ward 8 Republican Primary for DC Council. He noted, “It’s an honor to win an election in the part of the city where abolitionist Frederick Douglass once held a Republican party office.”

Specifically citing his community conversations and engagement with Ward 8 neighbors, he added, “Hopefully District leadership along with MPD will re-establish order, and all residents will be able to have access to food without waiting in line, to visit local libraries and parks, and to play basketball with rims put back on the hoops. I look forward to the day when children can finally play on the playgrounds and all people of faith are allowed to once again gather to worship their Creator. Ward 8 residents have been cooped up for a while and we deserve much more than the occasional free turkey or backpack.” 

“I’ve had many discussions in our community about how to honor George Floyd after his horrific murder. The people of Ward 8 deserve to have their voices heard on all the issues surrounding Mr. Floyd’s senseless killing.” 

Derenge continued, “I encourage everyone in Ward 8 to stay safe and to honor Mr. Floyd’s memory in a strong and peaceful manner. Stay safe and God bless.”

Nate “Ward 8” Derenge is the Republican nominee for the Ward 8 seat on the DC Council. He is an Army Reservist, government contractor and avid cyclist. Nate, a homeowner in the Fairlawn neighborhood of Ward 8, is a member of Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Engaged to the love of his life, Cecilia, Nate looks forward to raising a family in Ward 8. More information about Nate can be found at He can be reached for comment at (202.681.1076 and