Increase Legal Employment

There’s a lot of development occurring in Ward 8, to include the 11th St Bridge Area and Skyland Town Center. The Office of Contracting and Procurement should ensure that local residents (not Maryland companies with non-resident workers) have opportunities to build their communities.

Another way to increase economic opportunity is to de-regulated industries with unnecessary licenses. The requirements for barbering is too restrictive, as witnessed in the DC council oversight hearings by programs trying to train people.

Protect the kids

There’s too many home-made monuments to kids who died too young around the neighborhoods of SE. The Council should make it as easy as possible for non-profits to implement after-school programs, so kids aren’t running with bad crowds in the evenings and they can succeed in school. Some neighborhoods in Ward 8 lack recreation centers where the kids can safely get academic support and shoot hoops.

Comments on Recent DC Council Legislation/Hearings

Sanctuary City Act– ICE should take violent criminals away from Ward 8 and the DMV.

COVID-19 Response– The district has data integrity problems; and stifling economic opportunity, canceling the right to assemble, and removing b-ball rims was, in my opinion, unnecessarily oppressive.

Cashless Retailer Prohibition Act of 2019– This legislation (sponsored by the current Ward 8 Rep) prohibits business from going ‘cashless’, which forces all local companies to accept cash payments with only a few exceptions. It’s not a controversial bill, but hurts entrepreneurs and doesn’t help those who are unbanked.