Basketball-it’s a just system

It’s a game of meritocracy.

Every is different, but each person has the freedom to participate and abide by the same rules.

The players are not equal-there are some who are taller than others, some who have more talent. Some are older and have developed their skills to higher levels than others.

Is basketball played with points given to certain people at the beginning because of the color of their skin or because of things that happened to their younger ancestors? Nope. All the points are earned, and games are played until there is a winner. And that is celebrated.

Talent are teamwork are valued. Performance is measured. Fouls are called, and excuses about personal grievances are not heard. Crybabies are shunned. No excuses are made for flagrant fouls. Justice is swift and play continues. Respect is earned. Risks have consequences, and the risk-takers are solely responsible for the results.

There are rules, regulations, boundaries, and freedom within those rules and boundaries. Sometimes there are officials, other times the players self-officiate. For official games, sometime plays are run, a coach directs players. During street ball, the players orchestrate their own plays live. A minimum amount of order is essential for play to occur.

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