How to get a job

this is by Malcolm X and MLK. Be there Monday at 9:45am.

Opportunities Industrialization Center of (OIC/DC) is located at 3016 MLK Ave. (202)836-3076. Show up at 9:45 on a Monday morning.

Jubilee Jobs

Jubilee Jobs is located at 2419 Minnesota Ave SE. They’ll help you with resumes and stuff.

DC Infrastructure Academy

Sign up on One location is on Stanton Ave. They claim the average wage is $48/hour.

Uniting People with Opportunities

Job training opportunities listed on this page of their website. Includes culinary, IT, electrical, CDL, EMT, and hospitality. Locations at 2907 MLK (202.562.3800) and 1649 Good Hope Rd (202.610.5900).

How to Get Educated

The university of DC has a campus at Congress Heights, and offers classes for free in industries with job opportunities.

The link to register and get more information is here. You’ll need to be able to pass a drug test and show you’re up-to-date on vaccinations, which will make Trayon happy.