2 Group Games for a Fun Game Night

Here are two games that require creativity, teamwork, and personal input for the content. Special equipment not required.


Materials: a few sheets of paper, pens, timer (phone or watch), medium sized bowl (“fishbowl”), even number of players.

Instructions: Cut or rip the paper into small pieces and give each person 4 pieces. Pick a letter (Let’s go with “C” for this example). Have everyone write a different word that starts with C on each paper (Commanders, Calvin, Constantinople, chicken), have them fold it in half and place it in the bowl.

Sit in a circle with a member of the opposite team sitting on either side of you. For the first round, a player gets 45 seconds to take out a piece of paper (and they can’t put it back) and describe the word until another team member correctly says it. (Current name of the Washington Football Team…’Commanders!’). Then a new slip of paper is pulled after the first paper is correctly guessed until 45 seconds has elapsed and the bucket gets passed to the left, which is when the other team will guess. the round continues until the bowl is empty, then the slips are counted to see which team is leading.

For the 2nd round, the words on the paper must be communicated without sounds (acting/charades)

For the 3rd round, the words on the paper can only be communicated by the person saying only 1 word.

2 Truths and a Lie-written

Materials: 2 pieces of paper for each player, a pen of the same type/color for each player, a table for writing.

All participants get the same clean piece of paper and the same type of pen. They write, in no particular order, 2 true statements about themselves and 1 false statement about themselves. They place the paper face down in the center of the table when complete. When everyone is complete, each person gets a new piece of paper where they will guess the lie and the person who wrote the lie.

The papers in the middle are shuffled, and given a number written somewhere obvious. They are then handed back to the players, who write down their guesses for the lie and the person who wrote it. When one is done reviewing a paper with the truths and the lie, they pass it left or around to whomever hasn’t seen those truths and lie yet.

When everyone has guessed, one person reads the paper that they last reviewed, and guesses the lie and the person who may have written it. Guesses continue around the circle until the writer of the lie confesses, and the players mark there sheets if they were correct. This process repeats until everyone has read the paper that they reviewed last.

One point is given for guessing the person, one point is given for guessing the lie. Smartest person wins.

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