Ice Cream Tasting

Tillamook Ice Cream makes delicious ice cream. 8 young professionals tasted 12 of their premium and special brands. The flavors were sampled on a convenient basis, and independently scored on a 0-10 scale. One round was completed with eyes closed before the name was revealed.

During the tasting, one judge, who had a peanut allergy, expressed severe discomfort after trying the Cookie Monster. After inquiring of the ingredients, another judge remarked “it says peanut-buttery swirl on the front”. An epi-pen was secured, but the judge recovered.

The scores were compiled and averaged to discover the most popular. The results are below.

Ice Cream FlavorAverage Score
MarionBerry Pie8.5
Peaches and Cream8
Malted Milk7.25
Choc. Chip Cookie Dough5.63
Waffle Cone Swirl5.63
Choc. Peanut Butter5.5
Cookie Monster4.75
Cookies and Cream4.63
French Vanilla4.5
now you know what to get when you see them at Harris Teeter.

Looks like the ice cream that features Oregon’s own marionberry was the most popular!

The marionberry is not only a special berry from Oregon, but it has a popularity in DC, likely due to Ward 8’s Mayor for Life Marion Barry. You can find marion berry flavors around town, from the Bardo Brewery’s Marionberry Ale to Jubilee Ice Cream’s MarionBerry with Graham Cracker. Before Cheers closed down on MLK ave, you could order a Marion Berry cocktail.