Trayon caused an uproar after posting a video cautioning others about the Rothchild family on his Facebook page. Bruce Johnson explains the context and hears his apology below:

Facebook video and Mayor’s breakfast video are included in Bruce’s segment.

Trayon had 2 public expressions about the Rothchilds and no one cared about him enough to correct him, or no one close to him knew that it was a hurtful lie. Both options are unfortunate.

As a result of the backlash, White visited the Holocaust Museum to become more educated on historic Jewish oppression. Unfortunately, reports claim that didn’t finish the tour.

To add to the accounts of offending the Jewish people, Trayon sent a $500 check with his constituent services account to the Nation of Islam (NOI) for an event where Louis Farrakan made anti-Semitic statements. He later explained NOI people are present to support community members after homicides in the district.

Since I didn’t sense any anger or hatred in his original statements, I have concluded that CM White isn’t a hateful or consciously racist person. I’m left to conclude that he foolishly talks about issues that he doesn’t know and can’t give effective apologies.

He did address all the incidents above in a 35-minute Facebook live stream. The clip below starts at his explanation about the Rothchilds, the Holocaust Museum, the check to the Nation of Islam, and some tags on his car. The 6,500+ word script is here.

In 2019 NBC 4 reported that Trayon received a $75,000 settlement from MPD for an incident where Trayon claimed to have his head slammed into his car by a traffic officer. However, as NBC reported, Trayon never recused himself from MPD hearings or votes. Finding justice in the legal system is a fine thing, but participating in the legislative actions of the agency that harmed you seems to be a conflict of interest to me. This may help to explain why he supports gang members over Law Enforcement in unfortunate shootings.

Trayon has at least one friend who takes his BMW without telling him (very similar to stealing), collides with another car, and returns the vehicle without communicating the damage to authorities or the owner (Trayon). It’s a shame that Trayon hasn’t instilled honesty and responsibility into his associates. After reporting the damage to MPD, his friend confessed and he published a press release about it.

He also complained about the media inquiries, but he kinda brought the situation upon himself by having the friends that he has.

maybe they are verifying what happened, which is what the media should do

Another incident with police interaction was Trayon’s arrest in 2017, in which the Mayor blocked the police camera footage from being released to the media. He allegedly was driving with his headlights out and an expired license. The District paid $15,000 in attorney’s fees as a result.

I thought the repeated offenses to the Jewish community could be seen as unintentional, and Trayon is horribly under-educated for his position, but he showed open discrimination to me on Social Media.

Trayon posted a Jay-Z video with the quote originally from Jean Michele Basquiat, with his own comments about how relates to a king’s position being regularly threatened. (His identity of being a leader with an incredible load was repeated often during his monologue). Instead of considering the facts that I presented that challenged his content, he labeled me as “privileged” and considered the argument finished. I’m not considering myself a victim who is being silenced, but I mostly feel regret that my representative can’t handle a valid argument that introduces a different perspective.

He also physically ignored a Rabbi who was concerned about his actions.

he just eats a bagel and pretends the group he’s oppressing doesn’t exist

A great paradox: One who identifies himself as a member of an overlooked and oppressed group is the one ignoring and oppressing others while he’s in a seat of power. This is reminiscent to the conclusion of Orwell’s Animal Farm, when the managing pigs become indistinguishable from their former human masters.