What is Start-up weekend? It’s when a bunch of people get together on a Friday night, pitch business ideas, work on them, and have a business plan by Sunday. It’s fun! Coming in January or February to a location in SE DC. Bring your laptop if you have one.


Saturday, February 11th

10:30 pm: Everyone who wants to present their business idea gets 90 seconds to pitch the problem, their solution, and what they need.

11 pm: All ideas are written on giant sticky pads and posted on the wall, participants get to comment on the sheets and discuss with the presenter.

11:30 pm: Teams are formed, and they begin to conduct further research, develop the product/service more, and conduct market research.

4:00 teams rehearse their final pitches.

4:30 pm: Teams deliver final pitches to judges.

4:30 pm: Judges pick winner to receive seed funding grant (if available).

6:00 pm hosting site closes.

Ideas that will be presented:

your idea, if you’re there!

Creative Housing Solutions: getting permission from property owners with vacant houses to have high-risk tenants move-in.

Popville: securing short-term leases on vacant retail spaces to have a pop-up concepts for food, drink, and other retail.

RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/start-up-saturday-tickets-514517354257

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