Council Member Trayon White is a poor role model and merely votes with the rest of the council 69% of the time. A comprehensive review of his scandals in office is located here.

Sanctuary City Act– ICE should take violent criminals away from Ward 8 and the DMV.

COVID-19 Response– The district has data integrity problems; and stifling economic opportunity, canceling the right to assemble, and removing b-ball rims was, in my opinion, unnecessarily oppressive.

Cashless Retailer Prohibition Act of 2019– This legislation (sponsored by the current Ward 8 Rep) prohibits businesses from going ‘cashless’, which forces all local companies to accept cash payments with only a few exceptions. It’s not a controversial bill, but hurts entrepreneurs and doesn’t help those who are unbanked.

ShotSpotter Data– A system that listens and locates all the gunshots in DC. The data through 2019 has been released, and I analyze it.

Let’s get tough on guns.