Concerns about Trayon

photos of Trayon

Should a Ward 8 candidate criticize another Ward 8 candidate? I’m currently at the conclusion that there is a responsibility to publicly critique leaders who wish to govern, because voters need to be made aware of concerning behaviors that may affect their leader’s ability to govern. For over 4 years, Trayon has a voting history that can be examined, and he also happens to have multiple incidents outside of the Wilson Building that have received national attention about his questionable actions.

I was surprised that some of these ‘elephants in the room’ weren’t directly discussed during the primaries. Maybe it was because his opponents were afraid of getting their cars vandalized again. Maybe these issues were discussed, and I missed it.

The most important subject to critique is his legislative outcomes, which have their separate pages on my Platform page. The other categories I review are incidents that occurred while he was acting as a Ward 8 representative and general comments on his personal life, which may reflect in his public life.

Legislative Concerns

Office and Personal Scandals

Finally, something related to his legislative concerns that is especially concerning is how he co-sponsored legislation to increase his campaign funding and excerpt himself from engaging his opponents. The Fair Elections concern is here.

Here is a table summarizing the Office and personal scandals:

IncidentTrayon’s ExplanationReasonable person’s comment (mine)
Globalist influences on UDC during Mayor’s breakfast(unknown to me)Overshadowed by the weather video
Rothchilds creating weather to oppress votersClaims he didn’t know it was popular Anti-Semitic TheoryHe should research before he live streams, it’s what wise leaders do.
Sending check to Nation Of Islam event in ChicagoNOI people serve locally Incident #3 demonstrating that he doesn’t know or care about marginalized groups of which he doesn’t personally associate.
His car was used to hit another carHe didn’t know his friend borrowed itHis ‘friends’ are dangerous, the one who took it didn’t have a license.
He sued MPD and was awarded $75,000(unknown to me)He conducted legislative activities on a department where he had a personal financial interest
Was arrested in 2017 for a suspended licenseHe presented legislation restricting ability to suspend licensesLaw-makers should obey the law, not change it to suit their preferences.
Told @NateWard_8 on Instagram that he didn’t get a voice because of his privilege(n/a)Silences voices he doesn’t want by labeling them “privileged”
Ignored Rabbi Herzfeld’s cries during another breakfast(unknown to me)Actively ignores the voices that he’s oppressing
Uses tax payer money to fund campaign and refuses to debateClaims corporate interests are too great in politicsHe should debate his fellow candidates for the interests of the people.