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Removing basketball rims is a bridge too far.
The courts were open, but then one closed without any public announcement.

Nate Derenge has lived in Anacostia for about 5 years, and he would like to serve Ward 8 as a DC Councilmember.

More About Nate

Hi there! My name is Nate Derenge, and I’m in Ward 8 because my friend decided to direct a legal aide ministry and join a church plant in the neighborhood five years ago. He invited me on his journey, and I quickly grew fond of SE.

I’m running for local office because I believe proper legislation could:

allow abandoned housing complexes to become useful increases in housing;

allow the removal of violent and foreign criminals away from our neighborhoods and prison system;

deny reckless spending on special interests groups and lower the taxes on the residents. Let’s get more resources to the Ward and away from expensive streetcars that have little marginal benefit.

Fun facts about me:

-I’ve been car-free since I’ve been in the DMV area (until I got married in August), and I bike around 1000 miles per year.

-I’m a member of Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

-Deep down, I’m an artist who takes pictures, makes music, and directs movies.

-I enlisted in the Army Reserves in 2007, and serve at Ft. Belvoir with a transportation unit.

On politics:

I originally had a platform with specific proposals for increased safety and greater economic opportunity for Ward 8 residents, but the Council and Mayor’s actions of the past 6 months have caused me to focus specifically on the legislation and economic oppression that has been implemented in the name of COVID-19. That page is here. Also, the mayor and the council should all churches to open, and stop penalizing restaurants thousands of dollars for not having their tables spaced out enough.

Here is my platform with commentary on recent DC council legislation.

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